The Artery is the Mirror of the Soul

Published in Umbigo Magazine
on March 3rd 2022

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The exhibition opens with a lift. With two steps forward and a leap backwards, I realise it won’t let me in, the wall bricks won’t allow me. Ceci n’est pas un ascenseur. Ceci is an image. A photograph, I think, a painting, I realise when I take a closer look. The urge to stretch out my arm to grasp its non-depth is intense, childish naughtiness boils up inside me. There would be no harm, after all it is only a lift…

I look around, a window to a canal, pottery on the wall, a chicken crossing the road, why? One may only think it’s to get to the other side. As I walk through the rooms, I find it difficult to find the guiding thread that connects the works. If it weren’t for the unanimous expressiveness of the brushstrokes, I would say it was a collective exhibition. Few artists have such a diverse body of work, especially focused on painting.

Installation view of Allison Katz, Artery @ Camden Art Centre, 2022. © Rob Harris

Mariana Baião Santos

Art Writer

London-based freelance writer & curator fluent in Portuguese and English. Mariana is a Contributing writer for Portuguese Art Magazine Umbigo and has been collabotaring with some London Galleries.

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